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Dr. Bill Rawls, Vital Plan Select Medical Director

Quality is my ultimate responsibility.
If I wouldn’t take a product myself, I would never offer it to someone else

Bill Rawls, M.D.

| Medical Director

Organic Green
Cherry Hemp

Full Spectrum
Native Terpenes


Purity Tested


6X more native terpenes than most other activated hemp oils on the market.
The natural terpene profile of our hemp is carefully preserved to retain its rich entourage-effect benefits . Other CBD companies use an extraction process that destroys the important native terpene profile, and then later “spike” the CBD oil with non-native terpenes.


Biodynamically farmed using a “zero-waste” sustainable growth and production process. Pesticide- and herbicide-free: Our farmers release 50,000 ladybugs and 30,000 predator wasps into the greenhouse each week for natural pest control
Greenhouse-grown in soil specific to the Green Cherry strain to ensure crop consistency.


Transparent reporting with a Certificate of Analysis for each batch, readily available for viewing

Third-party tested for ingredient potency, purity, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and THC compliance at multiple stages of production

Tested for more than 169 varieties of toxins, including:
☑︎ Microbiological contaminants
☑︎ Heavy metals
☑︎ Pesticide residues
☑︎ Residual solvents
☑︎ Irradiation
☑︎ Allergens

Kelly D CBD Quality review

What our customers say

The Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil allowed me to have a holistic, natural approach to promoting nerve comfort. And as a huge bonus, my stress levels are low, and my thinking is clear and focused!

Kelly D.

Vital Plan Select Customer

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